Pontoon Boat Rental FAQ

Q: My family and I are going to your Marina for our next family vacation. What type of boat rentals do you offer besides pontoon boats?

A: We offer a variety of boat rentals near Nashville. In addition to our pontoon boats, we provide fishing boats and houseboats.

Q: Do your lakes allow towing tubes and skiing behind boats?

A: We do not permit towing people behind fishing boats or standard pontoon boats. It is permitted behind the double decker pontoon boats we rent.

Q: Do you require a rental deposit?

A: Yes, we require a $100 deposit on pontoon boats, fishing boats, and double decker house boats.

Q: I have reserved a boat rental with your company. I was thinking of inviting some more people to go boating with me. How many people can the pontoon boat rental hold.

A: We have two sizes of pontoon boats available for rent.  Our standard pontoon boats can hold up to 10 people, while our double decker pontoon boat rentals can hold up to 14 people.

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