Houseboats FAQs

What “other” expenses will there be?

In addition to the houseboat rental fee, you will be responsible for the tax, fuel and oil used during your trip. There is also a $500 damage deposit which will be reimbursed if the boat returns clean and damage free. Fun doesn’t cost anything!

How much will fuel cost?

It depends on which houseboat rental you have and how far you go. You can anticipate the generator using 1 gallon per hour of use. In addition, the houseboats engines will use 4-6 gallons per hour of actual drive time.

Where do we get more fuel and water?

When you leave, both the fuel and water tanks in your houseboat rental will be full. Should you require additional fuel, you may stop at the closest marina on the lake. For water, you can return to Hidden Harbor Marina and we will refill the tank at no charge. If you fill your water at another marina, there may be an additional charge.

What should we cook?

All of our houseboats come equipped with a full kitchen with common utensils and appliances, plus a gas grill. We suggest planning meals that are simple to prepare and easy to clean up.

Do we have to clean the boat before we leave?

You should return your houseboat rental in the same condition it was when you took it. A check list for cleaning the boat will be provided during your check out period. Please remember, you would not want your vacation to be delayed because the party before you did not do their part in caring for the boat.

Can we tow a small boat or personal watercraft?

Yes, but keep in mind that towing can make docking or maneuvering in tight areas more difficult. Be sure to have proper tow equipment.

Are pets allowed?

While we love pets, we do not allow pets on our houseboat rentals in TN. Keep in mind that it can be difficult for a pet to find a place to relieve itself on a boat, and additionally the “wet pet smell” does not mix well with upholstery and carpet.

How much experience is needed to drive a houseboat and is a license required?

There are no formal licensing requirements for our houseboat rentals in Tennessee. We offer instruction and provide you with a book that will explain most procedures required for operating our houseboat rentals. We will even take you out and tie you off if needed (close to the marina).

Tennessee requires all boat operators born after 1989 to possess a Tennessee boat operator’s license. Please contact us if you have questions.

Is insurance included?

The renter is responsible for any damages or an insurance deductible if it is necessary to file an insurance claim. We do not offer additional insurance to private parties. You should check with your homeowner’s insurance company or broker for additional assistance.

Houseboat Rental check in and return times:

Weekend check in: Friday between 3 p.m. and 5p.m. Return: Monday before 10 a.m.

Monday to Friday check in: Monday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Return: Friday before 10 a.m.

Full week check in: Monday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Return: Monday before 10 a.m. OR check in: Friday between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. Return: Friday before 10 a.m.

Pick up and return times for the houseboat rentals are critical. Early or late arrival may result in delays. Houseboat must depart no later than 30 minutes before Sundown. Late return may result in a $100 per hour penalty.

What to Bring:
Food Water Towels
Beverages Beach Towels Paper Plates
Toiletries Flashlight Camera
Cooler Insect Repellant Fishing Gear
First Aid Kit Sun Tan Lotion Rain Gear
Binoculars Camcorder Reading Material
Music Water Toys Matches
DVD / VHS Movies Portable Stereo Lighter


What the Marina Provides:
Pots/Pans Freezer First Aid Kit
Clothes Dryer Stove Navigation Maps
BBQ Grill Microwave Cooking Supplies
Cooler TV / VCR Utensils
AM/FM/CD Player Linens Brooms
Marine Radio Fire Extinguisher Toilet Paper
Refrigerator Life Jackets Garbage Bags


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