The Unofficial End to a Fun Season

Before we let time slip by, Gary, Carol, Stacey, and I would like to thank you for another great season.  Times have not been plentiful for many of us these last few years, but your support of this marina has been fantastic.  The season started fast and we had lot of fun along the way.  Fourth of July fireworks, Marsha and Stacey’s birthday bash, and of course the GREATEST RIB COOK OFF AND PLYWOOD BOAT RACE this lake has ever seen.  $23,000 raised for those in need!  You make this the awesome place to be a part of each and every day.  But if I could, I would like to ask one more favor of you.  Please tell Rick and Val, Harry and Diane, Jessica, Samantha, Alberto, Luis, Cory, Josh, Ryan, and Brandon thank you.  Think about it.  Only 12 people to manage 40 acres, a marina, cabins, boats rentals, and camping seven days a week.  They really are the best staff on the lake and they work so hard to make this place your place. 

Thank you again, and don’t be afraid to come see us a few more times.  The weather has been fantastic and the lake is quiet and calm.

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